Working for Stansted escorts – is a good idea?

Someone I met in a club in London, once told me that working for an airport escort agency in London can make you a lot of money. At first I would not believe them, but then I realised that airport escorts are probably a lot busier. Airports are after all very busy places and there must be advantageous to working for an airport based escort agency. The escort service that I was working for in London at the time was closing down, so I decided to check out Stansted escorts.

relationship with stansted escort

To my surprise, it was easy to get a job with Stansted escorts. The girls at the escort agency told me how busy the escort agency was. I had only put my shoes on one day when the phone rang and I was out on a couple of dates. It was great and I am not complaining at all. To be honest, I had not expected the response to a new girl to be so fast, but it certainly was and I was soon out on my first date.

Working for an airport escort agency such as Stansted escorts can actually be rather hard work. It has a very sharp learning curve and you need to be able to find hotels very quickly. Instead of having a lot of long dates, you probably find that you end up doing a lot of shorter dates. It is not really a problem but it can make you very tired and when Friday comes around, I am more than ready to put my feet up.

I did not think that I was going to date regular gents working for Stansted escorts, but that is not true. Lots of gents come back to the UK on a regular basis. If they have enjoyed a date with you, they will get back in touch. That is certainly true for many of the professionals in and around airports. You get to meet a lot of pilots and even some members of cabin crew. There are days when I wished I would have thought about working for an airport based escort agency a long time ago. And to be fair, I do kick myself at times that I did not think about the idea.

So what is the future for me? I am going to continue to date for Stansted escorts until I am ready to do something. I am used to the hectic pace now and I know that I can earn money. It is also a lot cheaper to live in this part of London. At first I shared with another girl, but I am renting my own place now. My London flat is being rented by two other escorts that I know. It is making me some money as well. And yes, I am in love with this pilot and I hope that I will be able to make Stansted escort services the last stop on my career ladder. Maybe I will even “take off” with my pilot.

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