Why is London so expensive?

Before I joined London escorts, I travelled around a bit and lived in different places. So far I think that London is the most expensive place that I have ever lived. Unlike the United States, there does not seem to be any rent control. I know that you have public housing in the UK but getting hold of one of those places is tough. At the moment I am living in Greenwich in London and paying a small fortune for a one bedroom flat.


When I first started to work for https://www.londonxcity.com/escorts London escorts I did not know London so well. Now that I know London better I can understand why it is so expensive. There simply is not enough homes here in London to go around. When you walk around London anytime of the day or night, you can see people living rough in the street. It must be hard to estimate have many people live rough and it is sad. Soup kitchens are not something that I had immediately associated with London.


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I am luckier than a lot of the girls here at the www.londonxcity.com/escorts London escorts service that I work. Having your own place really matters and I think it is one of the reasons why I am so successful. It is nice to be able to come home and relax in your own home after you have finished your shift. Things are not too bad, but at the end of the day, I do think that London is expensive. I am doing my best to save money to maybe get a place on my own.


Walking around London, I realize that a lot of he large houses were originally designed for multi family living. A guy that I see a lot of at London escorts, explained to me that the entire family used to live together not so very long ago. But all of that has changed, and now families are a lot more split up. Where I come from in Poland, the entire family still lives together. It makes sense, you can all help to look after each other and there is less of a need for social care. I think it is better than living like you do in London, and it is a lot cheaper as well.


Working for London escorts is a great way to build up money, but I am not sure that I am going to do it for the rest of my life. I miss my family back home in Poland. My grandma is getting older and I would like to go back to spend some time with her. Part of the reason why London is so expensive is certainly this family thing. If the same properties stayed in the family, there would be no need to move out and find a place of your own. This kind of London lifestyle is certainly very expensive and not that is to change. It would be so much cheaper to live in London if you learned to share a home.

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