Open Up And Say Aaaah!

85 (1)Judy was a bit apprehensive. She felt a little ridiculous going to a doctor specifically to find out why she couldn’t get turned on as easily as she used to. That seemed like something that she should be able to solve on her own with a few drinks and the right man, or some really good porno. But she had tried both and neither one did the trick. A couple weeks ago she found herself talking to Shelly about it on their lunch break, and Shelly told her about this doctor that had helped another one of her friends with the same problem. Judy felt a little strange, but at this point she was willing to try anything.

So, here she was, walking into this doctor’s office. There was no one else in the waiting room, so she was shown back to the dressing room right away. The receptionist told her to strip and put on the paper gown. Judy did so, and then she was shown into the examination room. Within just a couple of minutes the doctor entered and introduced himself. He was younger than Judy had expected. Much younger. And ridiculously good looking. Judy realized she was about to tell this young, hot doctor that she couldn’t get horny. She could already feel herself blushing. But, he was a professional and she was here for a reason. She gave herself a mental shake and prepared herself.

Dr. Bowman was very casual and Judy felt at ease right away. She found that she was able to talk to him about her problem with ease, which surprised her. His demeanor told her it wasn’t the first time he had heard this issue. He listened and when she was finished he asked her to lie down on the table and relax. He checked her stomach and listened to her heartbeat. He slid the gown off her shoulders and then asked her if she would be uncomfortable removing it altogether. Judy realized there was no female nurse in the room as there usually was for such examinations, but honestly she didn’t care. Nor did she mind removing the gown. It was scratchy anyway, and she was perfectly at ease with this doctor.

With the gown removed, she lay naked on the table in front of Dr. Bowman. He asked her just a couple of questions, when had she realized she wasn’t having “intimate” feelings any more, when was the last time she had had intercourse, had she been able to climax that time. She had. He asked her to tell him about the encounter, what she had enjoyed most, what her body had responded to. As she told him, he continued his examination, placing her feet in the stirrups and gently lifting her lower body to help her move downward to the edge of the table. Judy described in detail her last sexual encounter, which had actually been extremely enjoyable. She found herself remembering in greater and greater detail her night with Darryl, how exquisite it had been.

Dr. Bowman was examining her breasts with his large hands, seemingly measuring their weight with his palms, then running his thumbs over the nipples. Judy couldn’t recall a doctor having ever done that before. Not in the way Dr. Bowman was doing it. She figured it must be just her perception, since he was listening so intently and looking at her face as she talked. He was very thorough in examining her breasts, and as he finished and moved his hands away, he gave each nipple a sharp little squeeze with his fingers. Judy knew she did not imagine that. She felt a sweet little shudder go through her body.

The good doctor moved between her legs as he asked her to describe exactly what her lover had done that had brought her to orgasm. Judy closed her eyes as she remembered, and as Dr. Bowman began examining her pussy. She felt him run his fingertips over her labia, spreading her lips open gently. He pressed the palm of his hand against her, and she felt it’s heat through his glove. As she described Darryl’s tongue on the very spot where the doctor’s hand now lay, she felt his thumb move slightly upward and begin slowly and gently stroking her clit. He did not change the rhythm or speed, just kept slowly moving his thumb over the sensitive spot. She felt his other hand cup her left breast once more, this time very deliberately squeezing and pinching the nipple. As his thumb continued it’s teasing, she felt a finger slip inside her pussy. She realized then how wet she’d become. The doctor was asking her if she remembered what had been going through her mind as Darryl ate her pussy (he actually said it that way, “What were you thinking about while he ate your pussy, Judy?”), and just hearing him say it made her even wetter. As she began recounting her thoughts to the doctor, she felt his tongue replace his thumb on her clit. She moaned, and the doctor insisted she stay focused and answer the question. She did her best. As she talked and he licked, he slid a finger in her ass and began moving it in and out. Judy had never been one for anal sex, but this felt amazing. She could hardly think straight.

Dr. Bowman continued fingering Judy’s ass as he massaged her clit with the tip of his tongue and squeezed her nipple. Judy was no longer able to speak in more than a whisper. Suddenly she found she couldn’t speak at all as she felt lightning shoot through her body. Her back arched off the table and as she opened her mouth to scream the doctor’s hand left her breast and covered her lips. When the spasms were finished rocking her body she found herself weaker than she had ever been. Weaker, and more satisfied. She opened her eyes and found the doctor smiling down at her. She was speechless. He explained that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her, that sometimes the stress and monotony of everyday life sometimes caused people to lose their focus, to forget their own sexuality and the fact that the brain is the body’s most erogenous zone. Judy just had to learn to tap into what was already there in order to get in touch with her sexuality and get her body to respond. Judy was speechless, breathless, and very, very grateful. She left the doctor’s office smiling, already planning to call Darryl and invite him over for dinner and a night he would never forget!

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