East London Escorts Discussed about Sex Positions


When it comes to adventurous lovers, they will make sure as much as possible to try different variations with the aim of maximizing the engagement of one’s feelings and instincts and thereafter satisfaction and excitement of East London escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/east-london-escorts. This is especially when it is not a commercial one but just as an escort service, when the occasion is at the escort’s residence. Different positions are as follows;


With this position, the female partner is the one who uses energy for sex by sitting astride on the man’s lap then she supports herself using the arms of East London escorts. The male partner also is not left relaxed as he may help his partner as she is moving upwards and downwards on his top by taking control when she is tired.

  • Leap frog

When the female partner begins to feel uncomfortable with the weight of her lover, leapfrog is ideal for this case as her belly will no longer experience over-enthusiastic thrusting. She kneels down with her legs wide spread, then comfortably falls forward and backwards as the male partner enters from her behind. It is also suitable when the partners wants to enjoy anal sex.

  • Spoons

She lies on her side facing one direction as the man while he enters her from her behind while his body is fitted closely to her body. This position is best suitable when the female partner is in the most advanced stages of pregnancy as it puts no pressure on her abdomen but she still enjoys it even better since the man cuddles closely and kisses her shoulders while caressing her breasts.

  • Missionary

It is the most comfortable, great deal of contact with the body and also deep penetration. The partners can hold one another as well as kissing at the same time. The woman spreads her legs open, raises her knees and lies facing up on her back then the man lies on her top between the woman’s legs. Here, she can clasp her legs right behind his back while the man spreads his legs.

  • Lap

The woman straddles his lap and faces him while he sits down. Here, she is the one who controls the pace by moving up and down on his abdomen while supporting her body using her arms around his neck and also her knees on the bench. In case she is facing away from him, she could hold a furniture in front for support as this will achieve a deeper penetration.

  • Head to Toe

Here, the sensation is only confined to their genitals as they cannot face or see each other. The man lies facing up and spreads his legs with his penis right inside her. The woman on the other hand lies on her back, spreading her legs across the man’s legs, while her toes points to his head having the head away from his head. She therefore will control the game but he can still escort her for better instincts.

  • Futon

This only will work out well on a furniture with the correct height as she will lie on the furniture’s edge (either a table, a chair, futon or a bed) and have her legs widely spread in East London escorts. The man can approach her from different angles such as first kneeling down in order to give cunnilingus to her before entering her while holding her legs and supporting himself using his knees. The penetration angle is steep but affords a great deal of control to him.


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