Come and dine with me tonight

My name is Ramona and I have the pleasure of working for Barnes escorts. I think that we are the best escort agency in this part of London, and all of my colleagues and I are super hot. If you are looking for some special company this evening, I would be interested to know if you would like to come and dine with me. I love to cook and I will cook up something really special for us. How would that suit?

You can say that my taste in cooking is rather special. When I first started to cook, I never thought that I would develop such an interest in cooking and exotic tastes. Now that I am more sure about my cooking, I like to make sure that the gents that meet me at Barnes escorts, get a chance to taste the best. If you like, I have a smorgasbord of delights waiting for you, and you just have to give me a call if you would like to dine with me tonight.

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Desserts are special to me, and I love to indulge my fine gents at Barnes escorts with my special desserts. I am not sure what kind of dessert you enjoy, but let’s just say that I have my own version of Sticky Toffee pudding. When you come around to my place, I am sure that you will enjoy your own special version of my pudding. It will be such a special experience that you will soon be back for more. That is something that I am really sure about.

Of course, we need to have some sort of starter as well. I don’t like my starters to be too heavy, so I will make sure that you will have something light to enjoy. You may find that I will serve up one of my very special mousses. A mousse may not sound like anything special but it is all about presentation. The way I present my mousses here at Barnes escorts is indeed something very special indeed. But, I am not going to tell you how I do that now, we will talk more about that later…

The main course of our feast will be something and involve a lot of flesh. Once again, it is one of my special recipes and I have this feeling that you will not have tasted anything like this before. Anyway, that is what most of my gents at Barnes escorts tell me. My main courses are so unique that gents talk about for a very long time. I love a main course myself, and will always make that little bit of extra effort. A main course should always be the most satisfying part of the meal, and once you have indulged in it, you should want to let it go down a bit. If you feel a bit peckish later, we will always have dessert to look forward to. It will be so sweet and you will never taste a dessert like that again, unless you come back to see me.

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